Instituto BRF

83rd Anniversary of BRF| Celebrating by doing good to others!

Let's celebrate BRF's 83rd anniversary with volunteer actions in communitties all over the world!

It’s about 83 years of stories that we take pride in celebrating. Our moments of celebration are increasing each day across all of our units. We learnt how to celebrate the thrill of Feeding The World by sharing the joy of giving with our communities across the world. This year it won’t be any different: our celebration will bring to the streets many social responsibility actions, along with all those who inspire us: People.

So, if we are going to share and spread the joy of celebration; how about suggesting a volunteering activity for us to take all our happiness to the streets on August 18th, on our anniversary? Starting from July 24th to August 11th, register your celebration activity here or, if you prefer, join the festivities by taking part in the activities that will take place in your city.

Last year, we managed to give back to more than 80,000 people who benefited from our volunteering initiatives, and 105 charity activities that filled the streets with joy. Why don’t we make this year’s celebration even bigger?


Celebrating by doing good to others.