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BRF's Anniversary #84yearstogether

New chapters of our story are written daily by more than 100,000 employees; where everyone plays a key role in the challenge of bringing quality food to the world.


Stories that go beyond the boundaries of our organization; creating other great stories; in every city and every community that has our roots.


And amidst so many pages, we invite you, who are also part of this story, to write one more, to share inspiring moments. For the third consecutive year, we invite you to celebrate our anniversary by promoting a voluntary action for the benefit of a social organization or your community!


The proposal is that these voluntary actions take place between August 13th and 19th, 2018 and the registration process is very simple:

1. Click here and register as a BRF Volunteer. If you have already registered, please login.

2. Click the menu on your name and create your action (or click here if you are already logged in) by filling the registration.

3. Your action will be received by the BRF Institute team, who will contact you to support you in realizing your action.

4. There you go! After being contacted by the Institute and your action is published on the website, you are the leader of your action.

5. Let’s keep doing it together! Invite volunteers to join your action on the website, they can sign up using the link that the Institute will send you. Also you can use the publicity material available here. Now, just be part of a beautiful celebration and make a difference in the lives of many people, including yours.


The registration period for actions on the site will remain open until August 9th!


Do you want to join the celebration by volunteering an action that someone else has proposed?

Great, we welcome you!

Choose an action below or go to the Actions page on the Institute website by clicking here and do a search using the “city” filter. Select your city, or the city closest to you, know the planned actions and sign up! Just click “participate” in the action page and prepare to do good!


Below there’s a video where you can learn more on how to be a part of this movement. If you have questions or would like to talk to us, please contact the BRF Institute team: