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Action with the Salvation Army in Den Bosh (Netherlands)

In partnership with the Salvation Army, Den Bosh office helped two group of disabled citizens to move their households to a new house. The Oosterwolde plant sponsored the work with Nuggets, which were shared with the Salvation Army staff.

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The Den Bosch office was working in two Dormitories for young homeless people operated by the Salvation Army in Utrecht and Amersfort, Holland.
In Utrecht we cleared up, cleaned up living rooms, assembled and moved furniture. To prepare living rooms for homeless youth people in the age of 14 to 18 years. With a Team of five Colleagues: Milo, Coen, Josca, Luciano and Stephan we could prepare three rooms for new visitors!
In Amersfort the Team of Gerard, Rik and Corne cleaned up and painted four rooms for homeless young people.


Action leader: Stephan Konrad


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